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You can design, manage, or use LHI interviews to assemble court documents and forms.

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LHI can help you...
Become a trained LHI developer.

Learn how to make interviews and forms for your state. Our online and in-person training series will walk you through everything you need to know to start making online, plain language, culturally competent forms.

Get support as you develop your forms.

Our help desk staff is ready to troubleshoot and support you at each step. And our developer community will make sure you’re never developing alone, whether it is your first form or you hundredth.

Display your forms in different interfaces.

Different forms may have different uses. LHI lets you display your forms using different interfaces. A2J Author offers a structured interface, perfect for individuals filling out forms on their own. HotDocs allows advocates to simplify the process, and works well in clinics where advocates are available to help.

Display your forms on your state website.

Our LHI widget lets you complete your forms on client-facing statewide websites so you can work on a page you already know and trust.

Connect with other developers.

We have an active community of people developing a variety of forms across the country. Through list-serves, community meetings, ongoing trainings and other learning opportunities, our developer community is always interested in the newest thing!

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