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DC Superior Court Probate - Report of Guardian

Court-appointed guardians must file a Report of Guardian every six months. Use this guided interview to help prepare the Report of Guardian for filing with the Court.

Location: Available Online and at the Probate Self-Help Center

Date: 02/10/2020 - On Going Connect Point

Release and Consent:
DC Court Staff can see your Interview Answers when you Save and Submit. Use this feature when you need help from the Probate Self-Help Center to finish your Report of Guardian.    When you Save your answers, you can import the answer file into a future interview BUT DC Court Staff cannot see your answers and cannot easily help you finish. Whether you Save and Submit or Save you answers, you will still need to finish and file your Report of Guardian.     This interview DOES NOT file your Report of Guardian with the Court.

Instructions: Guardians should complete as much of the Report of Guardian as possible. When finished (or stuck) Save and Submit the Interview Answers to get help.

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Report of Guardian

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