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Request for Continuance

The group you will share your answers with is the DC Courts Domestic Violence Division. You will be taken to an easy-to-use interview that will help you create a Request for Continue.

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Date: 10/14/2018 - On Going Connect Point

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By completing this interview, you consent to your answers being accessible by the Court. However, you need to come to Court to finalize the process and file should you want to move forward.

Instructions: This interview helps you complete the paperwork and forms needed for a Request for Continuance. The group you would share your answers with by completing this interview is the DC Courts Domestic Violence Division. However, completing this interview does not mean you have filed anything with the Court. Please answer as many questions as you can.

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Motion to Continue (Civil Protection Order)

Use this program to ask the Court to delay the hearing for your Civil Protection Order case.