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Small Estate Petition

When someone dies with $40,000 or less in assets, you may be able to ask (petition) the Court to open a small estate. Use this interview program to complete a Petition for Administration of a Small Estate.

Location: Online and at the Probate Self-Help Center

Date: 02/10/2020 - On Going Connect Point

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By using this program, you agree that your answers will be accessible by DC Court staff. Completing this interview DOES NOT file your petition. The Probate Self-Help Center can provide information on completing your petition and how to move forward. You may submit your finished petition AND all required supporting documents by mail, but you are encouraged to come to Court to complete the filing at the Probate Division Self-Help Center.

Instructions: This interview helps you complete the forms needed to ask (petition) the Court to open a Small Estate and appoint a Personal Representative. Your saved answers will be available to DC Court staff to help you complete your petition.

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Petition for Administration of Small Estate

Answer as many interview questions as possible. BE SURE to Save and Submit your answers if you are almost finished but need assistance from the Probate Self-Help Center.